Good Guy with weapon stops thugs beating pregnant woman

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    Can we give this guy a GCO membership? Heck, I'll pay for it!

    ATLANTA - An armed neighbor is being praised for coming to the rescue when a pregnant pizza delivery driver was attacked and robbed Wednesday night.

    The incident happened at Waits Avenue in Southwest Atlanta.

    Atlanta Police Department officials told Channel 2 Action News two 16-year-olds, a boy and a girl, were arrested in connection with the crime and charged with assault, possession of a firearm and attempt to commit robbery.

    The neighbor said he caught the suspects beating the woman with a rifle. He said he then pulled out his gun.

    “One of them turned around and had a gun in his hand," Dennis Madaris said.

    Madaris said he didn't back down.

    "I told them, ‘Drop the gun or I’ll drop you,’ and they threw the gun down and all three of them took off,” Madaris said.

    Officials said the victim suffered cuts and bruises on her face and was taken to the hospital as a precautionary reason due to her pregnancy. Police told Channel 2 Action News she was alert and breathing.
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    I saw a very quick report on this on Fox 5 this AM and they didn't mention anything about the good guy having a gun. I thought it was odd that he simply "startled them" (the way Fox 5 told it, anyway) when one of them was armed.

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    I was raised to know that there are two types of lies - by commission (telling a whopper) and by omission (failing to report something known). The media keep claiming they don't lie/distort/manipulate but its because they define lie as the former and ignore the latter.
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    They are lucky it was not me. No warning or orders would have been given once, "One of them turned around and had a gun in his hand." Two Mozambique drills would have commenced, modified the way I practice on multiple targets at the range.

    (The modification is that the follow up head shot on the first target does not commence immediately but waits until after the second target has been put down. That is, two shots to the chest on target one, followed by a U motion to target two, standard Mozambique drill on target two, with the follow up headshot on target one coming afterward if it is still needed. On the range it is always still needed ;) ). Right or wrong, this is the way I practice it. This is not the way I always practice engaging multiple targets however. Sometimes I start with a slow, accurately aimed headshot, then engage follow up targets. The usefulness of this should be apparent. Say I am in Pizza Hut, and multiple robbers take it. Well, if they take their attention off of me for even a moment, whoever has their gun on the cashier is going to take one carefully aimed round to the back of the head, and the remaining robbers will be engaged immediately, with the assumption that they are going to turn their attention toward me. So, I am only laying out the way I practice Mozambique on multiple targets, which is what would be used in the scenario displayed above, since both robbers had already turned their attention to the good Samaritan.

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