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Good free books site?

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I found that website with free books...

I downloaded a few of them, then I realized some of them are pretty recent.

Is it possible this site is violating the copyright of the writers and those books are not free to download?

If it is so, I'll simply buy the books I downloaded and do so for the future. I like to have an electronic copy to put on my ipad.

Bonus question: Anyone has a kindle? Can you upload to a kindle a pdf or epub file like you can do with Apple ibook or Stanza?

Thank you
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Not sure of the legality of downloading these books, but I am pretty sure downloading this one will get you put on somebody's list.
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Many publishers put partial catalogs online to encourage readers to buy new material. It works, too. If you're into classics, try Project Gutenberg.
ive been thinking about getting one of these electronic book readers.... which one should i go with?? and can i open these files on my regular laptop?? i tried to get Tolstoy's war and peace but cant figure out how to open it :shattered:
Baen's free books site (mostly science-fiction)

There are a few formats to ebooks. The 2 most populars are pdf and epub. Booth can be open on PC, ipad, Nook and Kindle. Personally, I convert into epub most of my books because ibooks on ipad reading epub is nicer than the pdf part.

Yesterday I was doing some researches for an ereader for my wife. Nook and Kindle are "almost" toe to toe if you consider ebook reading. The price varies just a little bit for the B&W models. The biggest difference is the color models. I think Nook at about 100$ less offers more... BUt the KIndle, If I understand well, offers free wifi to download books everywhere. For me it is a non issue. You can now surf with the Kindle DX and Nook color too. I read the Nook offers a better compatibility level with the current websites.

One thing I did not check yet is the brightness. ipad brightness is wonderful for the day time, even under full sun. At complete darkness, only ibook can be used (not Stanza) because the screen is too bright and ibook has a lower level of brightness available.

wifi configuration is very easy with all models. HOWEVER, ipad wifi range is about 1/3 of a normal laptop (It is very bad for a device of that price and Apple knows it and is mute about it.I fact, the whole wifi subroutine is hidden from developpers and Apple did not open the code.). I had to install 3 Access Points in my house (70 feet wide) to ba able to cover all the house and my 3 acres of land. A Dell laptop get the signal for every access point everywhere with the lowest signal to be 1/3 of the full bar.

If you have bad eyesight, I strongly suggest the biggest screens of Kindle DX, Nook color or ipad. I almost always read my ebook landscape and when it is a pdf, I often change the font to 16 or 18 points so I can read portrait.

Frankly, ipad is the best but the cheapest model at 499$ (459$ refurbished) is still double the price of the Nook Color.
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My fiancee has the Nook and she loves it. She does not want to upgrade to the color. The reason being is that with the colored screen, the Nook loses that book feel that the original one has. That's what she liked about the Nook to begin with. She thinks the other ones are too bright and that it's like reading a book on a computer screen.
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