Good Encounter with Gwinnett PD

Discussion in 'LEO Encounters' started by Rugerer, Oct 22, 2010.

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    I got my first honest-to-goodness LEO encounter out of the way tonight.

    Suburbbus and I were out eating at Shanes with our better halves. He was CCing a 1911 and I was OCing a Ruger P89 in a Serpa.

    We were sitting in a booth, midway back, and since my wife gets in and out more, I was sitting inboard. We're eating and visiting when a Gwinnett Co. PD officer walks in to eat. He has a table up front.

    We get in a cross-talk conversation so my wife says switch places so we're not talking over each other. Now I'm sitting outboard with the gun visible.

    We visit for a while longer; the officer finishes up and walks back to the bathroom. He looks at us and walks behind my line of sight, and the wife is thinking, oh :censored: someone's told him that they want us to leave, and I can see Suburbbus eyes following him. And then he comes right back around to the table.

    (This is the gist more than the exact words, probably not in the right order either. S. will likely chime in with more.)

    O: (smiling and friendly) You got a .50 caliber there?
    Me: Oh, no, it's only a 9.
    O: Ha ha, only a 9. Yeah, well, that's all they give us to use.
    Me: Really? I thought Gwinnett had .40's.
    O: No, the sheriff has .40s for his guys, but they decided they wanted 9mm for us on the last selection. Now, when I'm off-duty I have at least one on me with probably 2 or 3 more in the car.
    S: -tells a story about an off-duty cop who got held up with his family in his driveway while getting stuff out of the trunk, so now that cop carries just going to the mailbox- You can't be too careful.
    O: Yeah, it's easy for them to get our addresses. In fact, we just got an email from the asst. chief reminding us our names get published on some directory (? not sure what he meant) and we have to explicitly request our names get taken off.
    I'm glad to see people carrying. In fact, I'd almost rather it's out where I can see than have someone trying to hide it. It's kind of like what happened to me back before I was on the force. I carried then too, and when I went into a gas station, I threw my shirt over it. I got myself frisked because I looked like I was hiding something. So, what kind of gun is that, is it a S&W?
    Me: No, it's a Ruger P89, but I changed the grips so that's why it doesn't look like a Ruger.
    O: (gestures to S.) So I suppose you're carrying, are you carrying too?
    S: Yes, I've got my 1911 under my shirt. I'm just curious, but have you guys been informed about the changes in SB308?
    O: No.
    S: This is the bill signed last June, where they removed public gathering, made big changes in the carry law.
    O: Oh, yeah, yeah, we've gotten the information and notices on that.
    S: Have you heard of GeorgiaCarry?

    (He didn't seem instantly familiar with GCO. He asked if they had a website like GeorgiaPacking. S. gave him a GCO card. Some chitcat about how we (citizens, not him) work to make sure we know the laws. etc.)

    We bantered for a surprisingly long time. I think he said more than once he was glad to see people carrying for themselves. Finally he said, well I've got to get going on my next call. Shook our hands and said it was good meeting us.

    The word "license" was not mentioned at all. A very comfortable meeting, just the way it should be. I think I want to write the PD a letter to say a "good job" for one of their officers.
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    Please follow up with a supportive letter. They get too much negative crap. Enjoyable read. Thanks for the post.
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    Perfect example of why I OC Gwinnett without worrying about encounters anymore.
    Sure, it could happen, as of sb 308 passage things have been pretty cool in Gwinnett.

    Next time, give me a heads up guys!
  5. N.T.F.S.

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    Sounds like a fishing expedition to me :shattered: Glad it was a good one for you guys :righton:
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    The only thing I will add is that the Officer did say that he was aware of this website.

    Very pleasant encounter.
  7. Suburbbus

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    You can look at it that way if you want to. I look at it as one gun enthusiast(who just happened to be an LEO) striking up a conversation with a couple of more gun enthusiast'.
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    I think he was trying to be sarcastic/funny.

    :righton: great encounter
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    Swell encounter there.... :righton:
  10. I was in Gwinnett last night and talked to 2 Gwinnett police officers for awhile due to a minor bumper touch at a red light with a rather whiny 22 yo girl (yes... definitely not a woman).

    I had my shirt tail pulled over my G27 in a Serpa. I don't think either even noticed it. I was almost disappointed that they weren't more aware of the rather obvious bulge. Not that I wanted an 'encounter' over it, but I just wished that they were more tactically aware.

    Funny aside, one of them did do a little fishing; "I can smell alcohol on your breath", I just smiled and said "No you can't".

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    My thought after he said "50 caliber" was, geez, I know the Ruger P-series is blocky and bulky, but not THAT bulky. :)
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    That's great, Rugerer. Good for you.
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    Great encounter right there! Thank you for posting it. It was a good read.

    I agree with CountryGun, follow up with a letter of support, maybe even a phone call to the Chief, just to let him know how much you appreciate great officers out there.

    I know when I first did this to my local DPS, they were floored to actually get a positive phone call. They told me all they get is negative crap all the time. I think a positive letter and phone call would really stand out, and would let them know their guys and gals are doing a great job and are appreciated.

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    Very Cool. This is the way all encounters should go. Definitely follow up with that letter. :righton:
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    Not every encounter is a fishing expedition, just as not every LEO is out to get you. Sounds like he was going out of his way to show support to me. No different than people who feel they have to say something of support to someone they find out is in any group/field/occupation. It might not be necessary, needed or even wanted, but the intent is not malicious.
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    Forgot to mention earlier: I received an email of thanks and was notified that my letter will be put in the officers evaluation file.
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    Must be a training error... :shattered:

    Great encounter :righton:
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    That is awesome. I love that they actually factor in this kind of stuff when evaluations come around.

    If we really want the police to treat us with respect, we need to be just as diligent with praise as we are with anything negative. If a cop does something wrong, make sure to do what needs to be done, but also make sure to make the effort when they do it right. If this happens often, more and more "bad" (used loosely) cops will strive to become good ones.