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    Deer Hunter Movie.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Cazale

    March 13, 1978. Forty years ago.

    This excellent character actor in what should have been the middle of a long career died of lung cancer. He was 42 years old.

    You might recognize him as Fredo Corleone, brother of Michael (Al Pacino) from The Godfather (I and II). He partnered up with Al Pacino again in Dog Day Afternoon, and was in The Deer Hunter with Robert DeNiro.

    Fredo Corleone.jpg

    Life is short. His was too short by about 40 years.
    So, the lesson is to be thankful for our life, and treat our health and well-being seriously, because you can't take it for granted.
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    Another lesson is 85 % of all lung cancer is caused by smoking cigarettes. And yet no one is calling for new laws banning smoking even though in 2014, 155,526 people in the United States died from lung cancer.

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    I don't want laws banning smoking but I do want to stop supplying free health care to folks with emphysema and other respiratory issues who continue to smoke. They are a BIG BURDEN on the taxpayer. Same is true for those getting free health care who stuff their pieholes with big mac after bags of cheetos after biggie fries, etc etc ad nauseam
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    Based on that % only 132,197.1 smoked. If it was 132,200 they would care.
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    All the victims of school and workplace shootings for the last 100 years aren't a drop in the bucket compared to deaths in a single year from smoking.

    Where are all the teens, moms and metro sexual males in skinny jeans protesting with signs?

    Oh, the horror ! Who's gonna save the children?