Go ahead geezer...make my day!!!!!!!!!

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    Who was he talking to? :screwy:

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    The cop may not have known at the time he was dealing with an 84 year old, and a WWII vet.

    All he probably knew is that an old man parked his car illegally, refused to move it, and verbally threatened him, and then put his hands on him a couple times even after being verbally and then gently physically restrained from doing so.

    So when the old man insists on having a fight over it, is it wrong for the cop to take him down to the ground and cuff him?

    If you're 84 years old, you're probably familiar with the effects of alcohol. Don't use too much of it in public. And know your physical limitation, Pops.
    Back in 1958 you may have held your own in a bar fight, but today you can't go let your mouth write checks your body can't cash.

    I'll take the cop's side, unless and until we learn more details, like maybe the old vet was only 5' 3" and 140 lbs, or used two canes to walk, or was wearing an oxygen mask at the time (officer could have just shut off the valve or pinched the plastic feed line until the geezer was no longer a threat !)