Glock question - diff. between 1st gen, 2nd gen, etc.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by VolGrad, Jul 27, 2007.

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    I have a question concerning Glocks. I often see reference to 1st generation Glock, 2nd generation Glock, etc. I know this refers mostly to the date of manufacture and each generation of Glocks would have certain characteristics or features. Does anyone have more details as to what constitutes each generation?

    I have several Glocks and each was manufactured about 5 years apart as best I can tell. While all are very similar, you can definately tell the difference.

    My first handgun purchase was in 1998. I picked up a G22 LEO trade-in that was mfg in 1995 (per It has a straight grip (no finger grooves). Still shoots as good as any of my newer guns. I have a G26 which I purchased new around 2001 (Glockmeister said it was too new to date) and a G30 I purchased new this year. I really like the cosmetic and ergonomic changes which have been made over the years, even though they are ever so slight.
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    "The Glock frame has evolved through 3 styles known as generations. There are quite a few sub-generations, limited runs and experimental frames but these are the major breakdowns:
    1st generation smooth grip no finger grooves no rails
    2nd generation textured grip no finger grooves no rails
    3rd generation textured grip finger grooves accessory rails*
    *accessory rails are not available on the subcompact Glocks"

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    thanks - dates?

    Thanks for the info. I think my old G22 is #2 but will have to go home and check the grip to see if smooth. I am pretty sure it is but I have had a rubber grip wrap on it for a while so can't remember exactly what it looks like.

    Does anyone know the approximate dates where each generation cuts starts/stops?
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    to me the third gen is best since it does have finger grooves and a rail for easy acessory addition
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    The second generation frames are stronger than the third generation frames. I personally would rather not have the finger grooves on the full sized gun. A lot of people that don't like them take very fine sand paper and smooth the grooves out and then stipple the grips.

    There were some 2G frames that had the rail, but they are very hard to find and carry a bit of a premium price.
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    :roll: What's the difference between girls and AR/Glock owners?

    I have no idea.
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