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Glock being sued over Kabooming G20 10mm

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Original story here:

SPRINGFIELD -- A city man who went on a 2012 hunting trip in the Blandford State Forest is suing firearms giant Glock Inc. plus ammunition manufacturers and retailers for $1 million after a pistol exploded in his hands and launched shrapnel into his face, according to a complaint in U.S. District Court.

While the lawsuit was filed in 2015, the case and a flurry of cross-complaints has wound its way through the court system without a single hearing. The first was Tuesday before federal Magistrate Judge Katherine Robertson.

Originally named in the complaint were Georgia-based Glock, Inc., which manufactured the 10mm semi-automatic pistol at issue in the complaint; Guns and Gear, a firearms retailer in Agawam, where the gun was purchased; Buffalo Bore Ammunition, Inc., manufacturer of the ammunition and based in Lemni County, Idaho; and Cabela's Wholesale Inc. in Nebraska and a local subsidiary, a retailer in East Hartford, Connecticut, which sold the ammo, according to the lawsuit.
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yeah, that had to have been from faulty ammo. or a poorly maintained weapon with fowling in the rifling from the lead ammo Glock specifically says not to use.
Looks like the MA AG using a simple product liability lawsuit to go on a fishing expedition.

How much do you wanna bet that the Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act had them cut the ammo retailer out of the lawsuit so the whole thing didn't get punted?
"The recoil and force from the exploding gun violently spun around the Plaintiff's body and knocked him to the ground.

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I would almost bet Glock owners manual warns against using ammo with the kind of chamber pressure Buffalo Bore generates anyone owning a Glock 10 could check that
Looks like the MA AG using a simple product liability lawsuit to go on a fishing expedition.
AG Healey's "investigation" has nothing to do with this incident. It involves Remington as well as Glock.
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