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Glock 30 for sale (.45ACP) - Pics Included - NEW PRICE!

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Glock 30 (compact .45ACP 10 round). This pistol is in great shape, no dings or scratches, just a little thumb wear on the slide release. I've used this gun as my carry piece for several years (it's my current bedside gun) and I really like it. I don't think it has ever jammed or otherwise had a failure on's just dead nuts reliable, like most Glocks. It has tritium night sights, and is otherwise stock with no modifications.

The only reason I'm selling this pistol is that I'm consolidating my collection, and have decided to standardize on 9mm, so the only .45ACP I'm keeping is my 1911 out of sentimental reasons.

With the gun comes two spare magazines with Scherer pinky rest extensions. Also included is the standard "tupperware" container, cleaning rod, and magazine loading tool (I misplaced the manual at some point, so no manual is included).

Okay, I want to get this thing gone so I can make room in the safe, and I want to help out local people looking for a great pistol. If somebody from this board wants to meet me face-to-face in Athens, I'll let this gun go for $425. That's a fantastic deal on this gun, and definitely my best offer.

Note: This gun used to include a holster & mag carrier...but I sold those separately. The price has been lowered a bit as a result.

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Sorry :( Trying to save up for night sights, bolt action rifle, shotgun, optic for the AR, and reloading stuff...not necessarily in that order.
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