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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by OverTork, Dec 14, 2010.

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    I recently purchased a fourth generation Glock 19. I've put about 400 rounds through it in the last week. In the first two magazines I had three FTFs. It functioned very well for a while after that. Then, somewhere in the 200s, it jammed. Again, somewhere in the 300s it jammed. That's five jams in the first 400 rounds. I'm fairly inexperienced shooting handguns, so it's possible that I'm limpwristing, but two of the jams were when other guys were shooting it.

    I've been using cheap ammo (Federal FMJ, Magtech Lawman FMJ, and Remington UMC).

    I bought this with the intention of doing a lot of training with it and using it as a carry piece. I've always heard about Glocks with thousands of rounds and not one malfunction.

    Also, I'm shooting very poorly. I bought a lot of ammo the weekend I bought my gun. I wanted to go out and shoot it a lot to build confidence in it as a carry piece, but I've done the opposite. I'm all over the place with it. I'm always high and left, with a poor shot group. After shooting a couple hundred rounds yesterday and becoming very frustrated, I picked up an XD9SC and shot a nice tight, on-target group. I put fifteen rounds in a smaller group than five rounds with the Glock.

    I've shot a box of my personal defense rounds through it, and didn't have any problems, but between the gun jamming with the other ammo, and me just shooting poorly, I'm considering not carrying at all.

    I really want to like this gun. I really want to trust this gun. So far though, that hasn't happened. Y'all have any ideas?
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    It sounds like you just need to give it to me so I can shoot it! :D

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    How many magazines were you using? If I were you, I would number them so you can see if the malfunctions occurred with one magazine or both. Most FTF (in my experience) are magazine related. If the malfunctions are limited to one magazine, then perhaps you have a bad one. It would be unlikely both mags are bad from the factory, but certainly not impossible. Also, the subcompacts seem to be more vulnerable to failure from limp wristing than full size. I can't see the ammo you were shooting being a problem, Glocks should eat almost anything.

    Did your friends who shot it also have poor groups, or was it just you? Also, I'm assuming you tore it down and did a good cleaning before hitting the range?

    Personally I'm not a fan of Glocks, but I love the XDs for carry guns. I've got a decent collection of XDs in various calibers, etc and have never had a single malfunction with any of them. I also shoot the XD better than the Glocks because the grip angle seems more natural to me.

    Perhaps you should take your Glock and visit the factory if you're not too far from Smyrna. From what folks here say, they have excellent customer service and I'm sure they would be willing to take a look at it for you to see if they can find a problem.

    I wouldn't give up on it yet. Although I prefer the XDs, Glock no doubt makes a great gun and they will stand behind it.

    Best of luck, I'm sure somebody here more knowlegable than I will chime in. Whatever you do, don't give up on carrying because you're having a bad experience right now. Either get Glock to take a look at it for you, or pick up something else you are more comfortable with.

    I love my XDs, and a 9mm service model is my EDC, and a 45ACP service model with a Streamlight TLR-2 is my bedside gun. I'm currently in Ryan's backlog to get some custom leather done and will be alternating my XD9 and a CZ 75-B as my EDC once I get my new leather. I love the XD as a carry gun, just want something different as an alternative. I've got a few hundred rounds through the CZ so far with no failures as well, so I'm pretty confident it in right now. I think I actually shoot better with it than the XD.
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    I've heard about a number of people having issues with the Gen 4 G19, particularly when using 115gr range ammo. The new, stiffer recoil springs are probably the cause. Try shooting 124gr or 147gr, or some hotter (+p) ammo in it. If you still have problems, I've heard Glock will send you a different recoil spring.

    I really like the Gen 4 G19's. I hope you get yours worked out and get comfortable with it!
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    I haven't heard of any problems with the Gen 4 19. The 17 had a problem with the spring but that has been fixed and the 19 has always had it's own spring design. (not interchangeable with the 23 like the 17 was SUPPOSED to be with the 22) I have to agree with the mag solution. Try numbering and see what you get.
  6. mark5019

    mark5019 what me worry?


    call them

    Glock Inc

    Address: 6000 Highlands Pkwy SE
    Smyrna, GA,
    Business Activity: Importer
    Phone: 770-432-1202
    Fax: 770-433-8719
    Contact this Company
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    This happened to my wife's 4th gen G19 when she first got it. When I shot it I didn't have any issues. In our case it was her limp-wristing it. It was easy to spot as the ejected spent round was being caught in the slide as the gun was trying to feed the next round - obviously she was letting the gun come up as it was trying to eject the round. If the spent casings are being ejected clean, then maybe a mag spring issue. Glocks are generally pretty tolerant of an array of FMJ rounds. Our G19 will shoot any of the target rounds they have at our local range.
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    There's been a lot of threads about problems with the Gen4 9mm on I would head over there and use the search function. Also, the idea to number your magazines was excellent. I found that I had a problem magazine by doing that.
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    Glock has the best service in the biz...if you are willing to take it to Smyrna they will likely replace EVERY part for you except the slide and frame (yes, even the magazines) and test fire it to ensure it's working right. :righton:
  10. Archangel

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    Just a quick question....

    If you shoot the XDsc so much better, instead of trying to adapt yourself to the G19, why not just get an XDsc?

    I'm not a Glock guy, anybody who knows me here knows that, but I LOVE the XDs. I shoot them much better than the Glocks, probably because they fit my hand better....

    Just sayin, not Glock bashin, but if you shoot one better than the other .... go with it.

  11. dcannon1

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    Head over to There's several people reporting problems with 4th Gen 17s and 19s.

    In the 4th Gens Glock put the same dual recoil spring in the 9mms as the .40s. It seems that some of these springs are too stiff to cycle the gun correctly when using lower powered 9mm ammo (most range ammo).

    It seems only a small % of people are having problems. Glock has acknowledged the issue and will send you a lighter recoil spring for free, just call them.

    FWIW I had a 4th gen 19 and it ran fine out of the box. I traded it for a 26 to have a smaller EDC though.
  12. GeorgiaGlocker

    GeorgiaGlocker Romans 10:13

    I wouldn't call Remingtom UMC cheap ammo. I have been shooting this ammo in my Gen 3 glocks for years without a single problem.
  13. RepeatDefender

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    I need to hurry up and shoot the G19 4Gen I traded for, just to see if it has any issues at all. Good thing I have other carry guns for now. I'll report back any problems.
  14. dcannon1

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    I think the issue is that the 4th gens are tighter and more finely tuned than previous generations. The dual recoil springs in the 9mm's were supposed to reduce felt recoil (and they actually do IMO).

    Shooters of other guns (especially 1911's) are used to having to break in a new gun or new spring, but most Glock shooters are used to being able to take the gun out of the box and run 1000 trouble free rounds through it.

    I would bet that a simple break in period on the 4th gen 9mms will probably have the spring at just the right point. Or you can call Glock and get the lighter one.
  15. RepeatDefender

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    Proper advice for any new carry gun :righton:
  16. Tinkerhell

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    # the mag & try that.
    If you still have a problem go to Smyrna with it. They'll make it right.

    Then no matter what, go take a class. Check out the Training section of the web site.

  17. dfbaseball

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    pretty sweet gun. buddy of mine just bought one and he loves it.
  18. OverTork

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    Thanks for all of the replies!

    That's great advice to number the mags. I have three Glock mags and four KCI mags. I check the brand when it jams, and I've seen jams with both brands, so it's been at least two of the seven magazines. I'll number them and keep track, but I think it's something with the gun.

    I didn't clean the whole gun when before taking it shooting. I did clean the bore out really well. I will do a very thorough cleaning and report back the next time I shoot it.

    I don't go over to Glocktalk. I can barely wade through the ads to find the content, and they push their paid memberships too much, in my opinion.

    Yea, after picking up the XD9SC and shooting better with it, I've been thinking very hard about switching over. I want to give the Glock a fair chance though. The XD might have an unfair advantage in that my first and only handgun before this Glock was an XD45, I'm used to shooting it. I'm going to shoot the Glock some more, but if I just can't tighten my groups up with it I really won't have any other choice.

    Thanks for the Glock Inc info. I'm in Savannah, so they're not close, but I'll give them a call. Like many of you have said, it could very well be the recoil spring.

    When I took it down tonight, this is what I found. The brass colored particles look very gritty, but when I wipe them off I can't feel them if I rub them between my fingertips. Their either very fine or dissolve.


    From here, I'm going to give it a very thorough cleaning and lube it a tiny bit. I'm gonna grab some snap caps and do a lot of dry firing and cycling. Hopefully that will help me get used to the trigger and work the gun in a bit. I'll buy some other brands of FMJ, maybe some heavier loads. I'm going to buy a notebook to take to the range, to keep better track of the rounds I've fired and the conditions when it jams, trying to find some common factors.

    Thanks for all of the replies folks. Feel free to post any more advice you have. I'll keep updated with the progress.
  19. dcannon1

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    The brass colored grease is the factory lubricant. Glock recommends you leave it there for a while.
  20. OverTork

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    Yea, I'm familiar with the lubricant that's a copperish color. What I'm talking about are the brass/gold colored flakes. To the naked eye, it's a completely different color than the lubricant. Maybe you're right though, and it's some byproduct of the grease. It looks like it's the same color as that ramp thing that you can see on the left of the top picture.