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Like it says, I bought this one new. It's been carried a lot, but rarely shot. Sights are still bright and it shoots great. Never had a failure. I went ahead and threw in a new recoil spring/guide rod and a new trigger spring I had laying around. Comes with everything you see, including holster, box/papers/lock, and three mags with 51 rounds of speer gold dot 124 grain +p.

This is the same one I sold a while back, but I was able to get the money to buy it back. Just got my tax bill in for 2010. Not getting anything back, having to pay a significate amount in. Need to raise a little money.


$450 or for $500 I'll throw in a Gould and Goodrich shoulder rig and a Safariland duty holster. (bottom left and on the right)

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