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ptsmith24 said:
That "tax" is just going to create false energy inflation, no?
Yes, which is the point. You have to understand that taxation is a politician's idea of conservation. A tax is good if the consumer has only one choice (like cigarettes and gas) make it cost more so people will do it less (but we won't). A tax is also good if the consumer has choices as well. If you have 2 choices,
A. Inexpensive product not "carbon friendly"
B. expensive product that is "carbon friendly"

Unless you are really environmentally motivated, you will probably go with option A.

The government then steps in and says not enough people are choosing option B, so we will tax option A to a point that option B becomes the cheaper alternative.

See, taxes made you conserve. :roll:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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