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I'm putting this in the "Off Topic" category because it's only slightly related to CCW. It just goes to illustrate the idea that it's wrong to assume that cops are the only ones who can be trusted with guns, because they're always right and ordinary civilians with guns are just reckless, incompetent, or criminally-inclined:

Boone v. State, A06A1929 (decided 10/24/2006)

Rebecca Boone was convicted of armed robbery, and she appeals.

The facts are: When she and the other suspects were pulled-over because their vehicle (Boone's truck) matched the description of the getaway car, and it was headed in the direction the robbers had been seen fleeing, and upon the officer asking the ladies if they had any weapons in the vehicle, one of them said "Yes, we have a couple of guns." While one of the officers was handcuffing her, he realized that she was a former Cobb County Deputy Sheriff, and his former supervisor!
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