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    I have been debating whether or not to post this but have decided to ask for advice. When my background check was ran, it turned up an arrest warrant that was served in 1991 (swore out as a personal vendetta). The problem is that this was never adjudicated so on my background check it reads as pending. The sheriff here at the time tended to not do everything properly and recognizing that this charge was completely without factual basis, it just went away. I was 19 at the time so I never thought about it again until now.
    My question is does this disqualify me? From my research, it appears that it cannot be pending since according to GA code 17-3-1, prosecution must be within four years. SO my understanding is there is no conviction, and no pending charges since it can't be prosecuted. Am I missing something?

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    It should not disqualify you. You may have to show the court a disposition of the charge. Meaning a letter from the DA or Solicitors office that the charge was dropped.

    Also under GA law you can have this charge expunged from your record.
    Contact point is the same, start with the DA's office that handled the case.