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Discussion in 'Ga. County Licensing Information' started by Guest, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Man I feel stupid. Applied for my GFL on September 21st. Cherokee Probate Court called me today and said that I forgot to sign my money order to GBI. I ran up there and luckily was able to make it before 5PM to sign it.

    I probably just put myself at the back of the line or something.

    Oh well.....

  2. ptsmith24

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    :( Maybe not. But why would it take that long for them to tell you that you forgot to sign? Seems like getting your money would be a high priority for a governmental entity.

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    they said the GBI sent it back....
  4. Claire

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    I didn't think ti mattered if a money order was signed - its good as cash
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    :lol: Actually, that was about the time I started asking where mine was at and was getting the run around...maybe I reminded them that they have applications in the bin and maybe they should tend to them. Seems to me they should have checked the MO before you left their office.