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    More and more, I am getting some indications that the GCO pick up in Schley Co will be a success. Sadly, this is not a result of responses from my compeers here at GPDO.
    The Premier 2nd Amendment, Gun Rights Advocacy Group in the State of Georgia

    Cordially invites you to the
    Schley County GCO Adopt A Mile Function.

    Where: Ellaville, Schley County
    When: October 9th
    What: This is an open carry event hosted by

    Participants will meet at the Lil Red Barn at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast/registration. We will move to the pick up site which begins at the Schley/Sumter County line marker on U.S. 19 at 8:30a.m.
    Following the pick up we will move to the Legion Hall in Ellaville for a meal of barbeque with fixins.
    Our speaker at the lunch will be
    Mike Keown,
    the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 2nd Congressional District.
    Those who wish can get in some target shooting at a local outdoor range following the event.
    Please call or email Robert Kite, Event Coordinator, with your questions or plans to attend.
    229-938-2736 [email protected]
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    Remember, not everyone who posts on GPDO are GCOers. In fact, GCO members are only a small percentage of the members here.

    For me, you're just too far away, and I have previous unbreakable commitments for that weekend.

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    Absolutely...we can only hope and look forward to that day when all GPDOers will be GCO members... :righton: