GeorgiaCarry.Org and GeorgiaPacking.Org - Question on membership

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  1. MadisonCountyGa

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    I have searched around and I am kind of lost.

    I am a GeorgiaPacking Lifetime Member and I routinely receive mail from GCO (postal mail) and I thought I was (am) a Lifetime Member of GCO as well but I just can't remember. The only link to log in over at GCO is a WP login which may or may not even be a public link (not sure).

    I know, I am failing miserably in keeping up to date and aware of 2A issues and should be aware of this stuff but regardless my question stands; Are the two one in the same?

    If not maybe someone can direct me to where I can log in and see my status as it relates to supporting GCO.

    Regardless of whether I am or not I will continue to contribute to the cause financially but I just need to get things straight as it relates to the organizations.
  2. BG_Atl

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    To check your membership with GeorgiaCarry.Org, you can send an email to
    [email protected]

    GeorgiaCarry.Org and GeorgiaPacking.Org are completely separate entities.
    GeorgiaCarry is a 2A rights organization, GeorgiaPacking is an internet forum (that has many GeorgiaCarry members as it's members).

  3. MadisonCountyGa

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    Thanks for revising that and answering the question about the relation between the two.

    I sent the email.

    I came here today hoping to find the GCO's endorsement for the Governor's race and noticed that the email had been sent to me on the 7th giving me that exact info and I somehow missed it. I must have been busy doing something else when the email was read.

    Thanks again.
  4. Nemo

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    He has confessed his sins and sought forgiveness. Because of this attempt to make amends and show deep remorse we need only give him a proper flogging.

    He need not be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

    But all others--- Beware!

  5. moe mensale

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    Georgia Carry's endorsements:
    Brian Kemp for Governor
    David Shafer for Lt. Governor
    David Ralston for House District 7 (current Speaker of the House)

    Hunter Hill is strongly opposed for Governor
  6. Glockenator

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    Yep - that's the best way to get answers from GCO, or for customer service, as I have also found.

    I am, little by little, ditching libtard organizations, and recently changed my main email from Gmail to a non-invasive, non-tracking, non-data mining, non-libtard-owned email server, and wanted to change my contact email with GCO. I also tried to log in to their site, to no avail. I contacted that email address and was told they don't have a log-in function on their site for security. Our security. Kudos to them. They handled my email change request for me.