Georgia WMA and Shooting Range "LAWS"

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    In the last few years I have enjoyed shooting at the local public ranges however I have noticed that they have posted some very strict rules that appear to NOT BE LEGAL.
    and now they are saying "No Rapid Fire" which isn't even in the laws OR rules (you just make those up as you go???) . This need to be fixed before they say no ASSAULT RIFLES or no AK-47's or no AR-15's. ... 0RULES.pdf

    This is the current rules at Charlie Elloit Wildlife Center and basicly. I don't get it. They are prohibiting .50 caliber centerfire cartiges for no good reason. They cite the law which allows them this authority
    to regulate the caliber of firearms but this law has no provision. They are not "Open" on Sunday but this is public land not DNR housing projects this is discrimination against Jewish folks as they typically
    worship on Saturdays and can't attend the public ranges during a nice Sunday afternoon.

    Permissible Firearms
    Only firearms utilizing single projectile ammunition may be fired on DNR managed firing ranges. However, shotguns utilizing multiple projectile ammunition may be fired at stationary targets for purposes of assessing shotgun patterns and in areas specifically designated by DNR for shotguns. - There are NO such "area's"

    Any weapon prohibited by GA Code Section 16-11-122 (i.e., sawed-off shotguns, or sawed-off rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, dangerous weapons, or silenced weapons as defined in that section) and any weapon firing more than once with a single trigger pull shall not be allowed on DNR firing ranges. - This makes it sound if you are violating the law if you own an NFA weapon and choose to bring it to the range after filing the proper paperwork.

    Muzzle loading firearms must be loaded only with black powder or Pyrodex®. - There is No Law the regulates the type of POWER someone needs to use!!
    Firearms using centerfire cartridges .50 caliber or larger are prohibited. - Absolutly abusure! a .50AE or .50BMG would easily be stopped by the burms built at Charlie Elloit, this is some DNR's Beautcratic problem.
    General Range Rules
    No alcoholic beverages (as defined in O.C.G.A. 3-1-2) shall be possessed on any DNR managed firing range. - Ok this I understand
    No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted on a DNR firing range. - Yes, I understand (for the safety of the people)
    No smoking is permitted on or near the firing line. - No law defining that you can't smoke outdoors redictulas
    Non-shooters must remain at least six feet behind the firing line whenever any shooter is at the firing line. - NO presidence for this Rule
    Tracer or any ammunition considered to be incendiary or explosive is prohibited on the firing range.- Why, fire? ok I understand this
    Targets must be constructed of paper, cardboard, or similar material that will not shatter or cause bullet ricochet. Metal targets may be used for special events if approved by DNR in advance. - I understand but you shouldn't "regulate" this.

    Ground level targets must be positioned so that a bullet will not strike flat ground before the backstop; all targets must be located so that a bullet will strike between the base and half-way up the backstop.
    No shooting at flying or thrown objects is allowed except with shotguns and shot shells in areas specifically designated by DNR for such shooting activities.
    All children (16 years old or younger) shooters must be accompanied by an adult shooter 18 years old or older.
    All objects, trash, targets, and spent cartridge hulls must be removed by firing range users when leaving the range.
    Range use is allowed only in accordance with range hours and dates posted at the firing range.
    Shooters shall fire only at the target directly down range of that person’s position.
    All persons using DNR firing ranges must wear adequate hearing and eye protection.
    Authority O.C.G.A. Title 27; O.C.G.A. §27-1-4
    Gun Handling Rules
    Any firearm must be unloaded and either cased or have its action open, except when it is at firing line and is being used for firing.
    In the event of a firearm malfunction, the shooter must keep his/her firearm pointed down range, unload as soon as possible, and advise all persons at the firing line of the malfunction.
    In the event of a malfunction of another shooter’s firearm, all firearms must be unloaded with actions open for the duration of the malfunction.
    All firearms on the firing line must be grounded, unloaded, with actions open whenever anyone is downrange.
    Muzzles must be pointed downrange for all firearms on the firing line.
    The muzzle of every firearm when in the firing position must be in front of the front edge of the bench upon which it rests.
    All loading of muzzleloaders must be by single charge dispensers; pouring powder from larger containers directly into a muzzleloader is prohibited.
    Loading muzzleloaders must be done at least six feet behind the firing line whenever another muzzle loading firearm is on the firing line.
    Shooters must be at the firing line before capping or priming muzzle loading firearms.
    In the event of a hangfire, muzzle loading firearms must be kept pointed downrange until the problem is corrected.
    Containers of black powder or Pyrodex® must remain closed except when needed for filling a single charge dispenser.
    Authority O.C.G.A. Title 27; O.C.G.A. §27-1-4

    The law they quote is as having the authority says NOTHING about range regulation and use of those ranges only the following:

    The board shall have the following powers and duties relative to this title:
    (1) Establishment of the general policies to be followed by the department under this title;
    (2) Promulgation of all rules and regulations necessary for the administration of this title including, but not limited to, rules and regulations to regulate the times, places, numbers, species, sizes, manner, methods, ways, means, and devices of killing, taking, capturing, transporting, storing, selling, using, and consuming wildlife and to carry out this title, and rules and regulations requiring daily, season, or annual use permits for the privilege of hunting and fishing in designated streams, lakes, or game management areas; and
    (3) Promulgation of rules and regulations to protect wildlife, the public, and the natural resources of this state in the event of fire, flood, disease, pollution, or other emergency situation without complying with Chapter 13 of Title 50, the 'Georgia Administrative Procedure Act.' Such rules and regulations shall have the force and effect of law upon promulgation by the board.


    I propose a showing up on Sundays to Protest and do as many rapid fire tests as possible.

    Any lawyers? willing to take this on?
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    Until a few years ago, it was illegal to shoot on Sundays in Georgia. This rule was probably developed then.

    Maybe you should tackle these one at a time and petition the DNR to change them. I know GCO got them to drop the silencer ban for a shoot we held there after a luncheon. It seemed a little silly to ban something that would make the shooting quieter.

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    50 BMG

    Most .50BMG rifles have a muzzle break at the end.
    This muzzle break greatly increases the noise and muzzle blast experienced by shooters on the next few lanes to the left and right of the .50 big-bore shooter.

    Maybe the .50 BMG ban is intended to let more people have a pleasurable shooting experience and keep them safe / safer from hearing loss.

    I would not want to be on the firing line a couple feet to the side of sombody touching off a .50 Browning Machine Gun round. Not even if I had both foam ear plugs and ear muffs on top of that.
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    Re: 50 BMG

    I don't like shooting beside someone with any 50 cal round... handgun or rifle.
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    BMG 50 @100 yards? 13k+ ft/lbs? Any worries about spatter from the backstop at that range? The noise would mostly ruin the other lanes.