Georgia Tech First Amendment Suit

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    The college republicans at Georgia Tech are suing the school for violating first amendment rights by denying funding to groups which have political purposes (such as themselves) while funding groups that have "social" or "cultural" purposes such as the pride alliance, muslim students group, and other groups which espouse a cultural or social purpose but are really just political mouth pieces.

    This practice by Georgia Tech is in violation of a Supreme Court decision the requires that universities practice view point neutrality. The case is Wisconsin v. Southworth and can be found here ... 9#section1.

    Severall articles have been written about this and the students are recieving support from a conservative columnist, Mike Adams. ... d,_part_ii ... orgia_tech ... g_out_week ... nny_perdue ... _the_sonny ... _engineers ... low_jacket
    http://www.studentsforacademicfreedom.o ... 051206.htm ... p?ID=13030

    I thought this might be an interesting bit of education since most people wouldn't expect a school like Georgia Tech which ranks in the top nationally of conservatives school to be sued for, of all things, liberal bias. Also, if there are any tech alums in the group, please forward this onto your friends from school.

    And yes, I am an alumnus of Georgia Tech, class of 2005.
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    MIke Adams is one of my favorite columnists. Well worth reading.

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    I e-mailed him yesterday about this, and got a response, much to my suprise (I figured he had to many e-mails each day to respond to mine). As far as I can tell he and his supporters try to use the lawsuits as a tactic to get the school to settle. Apparently Georgia Tech is being very resistant of this; which, of course, is no shock to me. In the four years I was there, the administration showed only one thing to me: how hostile or indifferent it could be to the needs of students. Even when they tried to do things for students or fund student groups that tried to do things for students the results were half-assed at best.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the school and the students, and I'm actually going to be taking classes there again this fall, but it's far from perfect.

    Mike Adams is also a big gun guy as well.