Georgia: Gun Returned

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    A Moultrie who foiled an alleged burglary at his house by shooting the burglar’s car tire had his pistol returned to him last week.

    James Hancock of Camellia Drive had actually faced the possibility of charges himself because he had discharged the gun within the city limits . . .
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    I suppose he should hold his fire next time say, when someone crawls through his bedroom window to rob him, lest he be charged with a crime. :roll:

    After the incident took place, Hancock said a Moultrie police investigator took the pistol to verify the serial number and ownership. The investigator told Hancock it would be returned that afternoon, but he had not heard from anyone the next day.

    Geez, I guess they don't issue out pencils and paper in the Moultrie PD. :screwy:

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    Hold it a sec....I thought there was no "registration" to check ownership against! Verify the serial what...stolen firearms I guess? Sounds like an excuse to disarm a citizen.
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    You may think that they can't trace ownership by serial number but I can verify that they can. In the 80's I had my FFL and sold a few guns to friends and myself. Last year I was contacted by BATFE to identify who a pistol that had been transfered to me by a distributer had been sold to. I politely told the agent that I had turned in my records when I closed the business as required and that he would need to check thier archives. Bottom line, I have moved literaly dozens of times through several states and overseas three times since I held the FFL and they still were able to locate me to track a gun by serial number. I don't know why they didn't check thier archieves first, perhaps they don't keep them that long and he thought I may have kept a copy of my books. So, yes they can and do track guns by serial number. So much for no national registration. :evil:
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    Also remember if you register your weapons with the manufacture for warranty, the big goverenment may have "deals" to search those records. Not sure how legal this would be but with all the other questionable ways they have been getting info you never know. :twisted:
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    Yes the ATFE can trace a gun from the Manufacturer to the Distributor to the Reailer to the first retail purchase. However once a gun is sold on the used market the trail gets cold. The older the gun the colder the trail.
    I read an ATFE report than most traces on guns over ten years old dead end.
    Remember that the ATF is prohibited by law from computerizing those archived dealer records ( though the rumor is their still working on it)that is why they contacted you. Who want to go into a damp basement and search thru cardbord boxes.
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    ...hmm...I see... :sly: