Georgia Gun laws for dummies: Moving

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    Hey Malum, I don't know if you have started this yet but I have something for you to add.

    Current GFL Holder is Moving

    Within the same county:
    Go to the probate court and change your address, cost is $5.

    To a different county in Georgia:
    Wait until it is time to renew your permit (90 days or less before it expires) and call your new county's probate courtto see if they treat new residents (with a current license) as a new application or a renewal.

    To another State:
    Your GFL stays valid until the expiration date. Some states do not allow residents to carry in their state on any permit but their own, so apply soon after arriving.

    Moving to Georgia

    No permit or Non-reciprocal firearms/weapons permit holder:
    As soon as you have a Georgia DMV License you can apply for a GFL at your county's probate court.

    Current reciprocal permit holder:
    You can carry in Georgia on your reciprocal permit until you become a resident (typically means you have a Georgia DMV License). If you have a Georgia DMV License and continue to carry in Georgia with any permit other than a GFL you are considered carrying without a license and can be arrested.
    Unfortunatly their is a 2-4 month gap in which you cannot legally carry. To apply for a GFL you have to be a Georgia resident, but if you are a Georgia resident you cannot carry with your reciprocal permit. Depending on the county, it usually takes 2-3 months for a new applicant to receive a GFL.
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    Matt, somehow I missed this post until today. I thought for some reason I did not have the go ahead to do the page. If I do, then this stuff will definitely be added to it! It's pretty good, basic info, with perhaps one exception I will have to check (the last one).

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    I figured the Dummies section would happen eventually and I just wanted to post this info to get it out of my head.

    I was going to put this on, but their really isn't a proper place.