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    Any issues carrying at a GA Dome event? I'll probably be taking MARTA to the GA Dome for an upcoming event this weekend and really don't want to leave home without it especially on MARTA. Anyone with any recent experience going through security at the GA Dome?
  2. Phil1979

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    If the event has screening with a LEO present, and they notify you that you did not pass screening, then you must immediately leave. You can come back unarmed.

    If you are wearing a large metal belt buckle and your gun is hidden underneath or in a Thunderwear holster, and if they are not making people take off their belts or clothing, then you can probably get in with your gun. As long as you have not been notified that you didn't pass screening, then you are still legal to carry concealed.

    The GA Dome is considered a "government building".

    If there is no weapons screening, then technically you can carry a pistol openly.

  3. AtlPhilip

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    Last time I was there the wands were all off.
  4. GAfirearmsReference

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    When they are not using the metal detector stations or wanding people, is there still a restriction on ingress or screening (of any kind) on entering visitors ?
    If so, that might mean it is unlawful to carry there and they could exclude you.
    But at least we have the right to retreat and come back unarmed, after they tell you your weapon is forbidden.
  5. Neo

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    The rods in my legs set off detectors at the court house
    earlier in the year when i went for my GWCL/ I assume
    it would prevent me form going anywhere else that has them.