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Georgia Carry Radio, Vote your Top Shows

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If you were to introduce someone to Georgia Carry Radio and wanted to impress them with what Georgia Carry is doing for the people of Georgia, what would be the top show or shows (5 or less) that you would suggest they listen to? Be specific and provide links, show date, title/subject, guests, because I would want this information to be a "go to" source for promoting Georgia Carry Radio's best shows. The information on some of the podcasts is sometimes limited, so in order to keep this thread easy to read, if you need to discuss shows to get information before posting here, I would like those discussions to be in the original Georgia Carry Radio thread. This thread is just for your lists. Start your list with one or more shows.

If you think a current show would be one of your "Top Shows" that wouldn't be considered "old news" in a few months, then add it to your list. Each time you add a show to your list, include your total list of Top Shows. That way in say five years, each post will be your most current list of Top Shows.

If you need to get a link to a show, try here
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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