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Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by Phil1979, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Phil1979

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    How much would it cost to put a spot on WSB Radio during a moderately high listening hour? I know peak times would be pricey.

    Can we start a fund solely devoted to advertising?

    Speaking of advertising, it's inexpensive to create and iron on a GeorgiaCarry.Org link on our t-shirts or other stuff.

    Just trying to get some ideas going to greatly increase awareness of GCO and its membership.

    I just now put out the word on FB at Texas Open Carry and Florida Open Carry about GCO and GPDO. Some of those folks will be moving to Georgia, so I'm trying to scoop them up. :)
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  3. mountainpass

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    We've had ads on WSB before. They are very expensive. Not sure how much it translates to new members. I think that it does help with spreading our name/misson.
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    I've always wondered about advertising. I know we are nonprofit. If I was financially well off I would invest more into GCO but I can only do so much. We don't have billionaire backers like our opposition.

    Perhaps as time goes on and our membership grows then opportunities will as well. I do my best to inform others of GCO anytime I'm asked about guns.
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    Talk to gun shop owners for sponsorship? They can do an ad for their business and GCO together.
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    I agree that GCO should seriously consider talk radio ads.

    Just 30 seconds would be plenty.

    But, to be effective the listeners would have to hear them several times a week, for weeks or months.

    Pretty much nobody jumps at the first chance to donate money to a cause, or join a group, the first time they hear an ad.

    Could we get a good quality radio ad (voice only, no images) produced for $500? I would think so. We've probably got some members with nice voices who would donate their services to read the script.

    What would it cost to run that ad once a day for 90 days (let's do weekends, too. Saturday and Sunday afternoons.) ?

    For people who can't remember the website "" and can't write it down because they're driving, would the radio station's own website have a list of advertisers, and could GCO have a link on the main page of the radio station every day during that 90-day advertising cycle?
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    We had them for at least a year. VERY expensive, and it did not have a return in terms of membership growth.