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I have to post this every so often for the new comers!
Welcome to

This is an information-only website presented as a public service for the purpose of providing technical data and pricing on as many handguns as we can find on the market today. We do not actually sell handguns, but rather provide a resource to help people make decisions on which handguns they are interested in.

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Savvy Jack said:
Overall best defensive handgun

Springfield Armory XDm 40S&W ... et+Top+100
Defense Ranking
This calculation is entirely subjective and is intended to give a relative measure of a gun's ability to provide concealed personal defense. This ranking is based on a weighted combination of the four previous calculations:

Power Factor• 60% + Capacity • 40% + Concealability • 30% - Recoil Factor • 30%

This value is compared against all of the guns in the database and is then represented as a percentile ranking.
(100% = the gun with the highest combined value, 1% = the gun with the lowest combined value)

Again, please remember, "For Intertainment Purposes Only" and "Subject to the Viewer's Interpretation". Please feel free to contact the author with any comments or suggestions.
Concealability is a ranking of length+weight for everything in the database which gives revolvers a natural disadvantage. That doesn't factor in thinner barrels for IWB purposes either.

I do like that you can do the ranking by caliber though. That is going to cost me money in the future. :shattered:
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