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AV8R said:
Did anyone record this or have a link to an archive?
Can't find an audio link. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but I can't find it. However, if you did not listen to the end of his program, you missed the best part, IMHO. With about 3 minutes to go, he stated that he would like to thank all his guests today for being on the show and something to the effect of, "Especially Jerry Henry with GeorgiaCarry.Org for being on the program. He went on the say that GCO had made remarkable strides in restoring our state laws closer to what the founding fathers intended them to be and in such a short time. He encouraged everyone to visit our website and join, as I am going to do shortly."

He really made some great statements to the audience. And, we were the only one of his guests who were named or had anything stated about them or their organization.
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