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GCO Chapter Calendar

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How about a Sticky Calendar listing all upcoming GCO Chapter Meetings. I was asked Sunday about any meets in the North Metro area and couldn't find any dates or information. The information should include Name ie: South Metro GCO, Dates, Location with address, and contact information for the Chapter contact as well as the Location.


ps: I perused the Events thread and couldn't find anything for North Metro. A lot of folks who work till say 5PM have a problem getting to meetings due to our wonderful Atlanta Traffic and would come to a meeting closer in to where they work.
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North Atlanta chapter usually posts at events page, but we didn't this time, sorry. We do have a meeting this week, Sept. 22d, 7 pm, at the Rib Ranch in Marietta. You and anyone else are invited and welcome to attend.

Rib Ranch is located at 2063 Canton Rd, Marietta.
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