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Found this on The High Road's forum.

I saw a post by Georgia Sen. John Douglas of district 17 on the Gathering of Eagles website, where he stated that he would be there, so naturaly I called him.

I talked to him personaly and he stated that he did make the post and will be standing alongside our Vet's on March 17, at the Vietnam Vets War Memorial, to protect it from desecration be anti-war protestors. He will also be at Walter Read on the 16 to visit with Georgia troops. He was very gracious, and took quite a bit of his time to talk to me.
I thanked him for his willingness to stand for those that cannot.

For those of you that are in District 17 (or not), and agree with him, please call and let him know you are grateful. Not sure how he has worked with us in the past, but this could be a great opportunity for us to make some legislative inroads.

His office number, which rang to him directly, is
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