Gary Reeder built Custom TC in 35 Rem

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by River Bend, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Have a TC built by Custom Gunsmith Gary Reeder, when he was still in Sarasota Fla, it is in Bull Barrel 35 Rem. 4x Scope mounted & Zero'd, holds 3/8" at 100 yards, not bad for a Pistola.
    Comes with the custom wood grips Reeder added and a set of Pachmeyer rubber for a lot of shooting, the wood is pretty but that 35 packs a wallop and the Rubber absords it real well.
    2 Holsters and a little ammo. The Blue Barrel is engraved with Reeders Golden Snake logo and signed by him in Golf engraving.
    Deer slayers dream, or benchrest beauty
    All for $650
    I am in Forsyth County
    send a PM if interested
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    Nice Gun

    That sounds like a real beauty, the T/C. I have a Thompson-Center Contender, about 30 years old, with barrels in .22LR, .30-30 Winchester (the recoil isn't bad at all-- remember you're only pushing a 150gr. bullet), and .44 Magnum. It's very accurate, but for practical reasons and fear of losing a wounded animal, I won't hunt deer with a single-shot weapon. I have done some plinking and informal target shooting with it. The trigger is match grade. The .22 LR barrel has a 1.5X scope on it.