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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Adam5, Sep 29, 2007.

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    We had a cul de sac garage sale this morning and I learned some important lessons.

    If you have a bunch a little crap for less than $5, keep plenty of singles on hand.

    Make sure that the big box of CDs says "All CDS $2 each". Some people who don't speak english don't understand that if you say "all CDs $2", that it means $2 ea.

    Anything that has to do with babies will sell like hot cakes.

    Either no one cares or no one notices the OC 1911 on your hip, unless you get out of a chair and the mag falls out.

    If you're going to cary, make sure your holster fits your gun and doesn't put pressure on the mag release (See above).

    Most importantly, DO NOT leave the radio on in your truck/car for five and a half hours so that you can have music, unless you're going to start it every now and then to prevent the battery from running down.
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    we did a yard sale this weekend & I was selling hot dogs ($1.50), Cokes & bottled water (.50) it was a big hit both days

    LOL Good tips Adam

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    Mag Release

    I have had so many mags pop out of different carry guns over the years, I consider the standard push-button mag release system inherently defective and undesirable. On my Taurus, I have ground-down the button so that it is nearly flush with the frame. You have to push really hard to drop the mag, but it's very unlikely to pop out at the wrong time due to handling or being bumped against something. I like the Walther P22's system the best of all, where you push DOWN (not "in") on a lever that is built-into the bottom rear section of the trigger guard.

    Sorry for the
    Hi, Jack.
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    The one thing I learned from garage sales is that Good Will happily takes almost everything and you will have your weekend for other things. :D

    I figure the tax deduction almost equals what I'd make since most anything of value I wanted to get rid of was ebay'd.