Gang shooting Athens, 7 wounded, 3 shot in head

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    By Joe Johnson, Athens Online:

    Seven people were injured late Friday night in what authorities are calling a gang-related shooting that occurred in front of a house in east Athens where some of the gang members were attending a party.
    None of the injuries were life-threatening, according to Athens-Clarke County police Sgt. Mark Malueg, a supervisor in the Robbery Homicide Unit. Malueg said Saturday the shooting appeared to be a flare-up in a rivalry between two local street gangs that has already claimed two lives over the past couple of years.
    Three of the victims suffered gunshot wounds to the head.
    “How no one was killed I don’t know,†said Malueg. “That it wasn’t worse was just pure luck.â€
    The shooting happened at about midnight Friday, in the roadway outside of a house on Trail Creek Street, according to Malueg. Police are calling the shooting gang-related because the victims and others who were involved belonged to the NBA and 2 Tuff street gangs.
    According to the officer, some gang members were attending the party when rivals arrived in one or more vehicles and shooting erupted.
    Police had not made any arrests as of late Saturday, though Malueg said investigators were busy following up on leads. He said the gang members who were shot were not being cooperative, and witnesses with whom police have spoken said they were too busy running for cover to see what happened.
    The shooting occurred eight months after an innocent bystander was killed during a gun battle between NBA and 2 Tuff gang members.
    In that incident, Breana Blackwell, 23, had just parked her car at Hawthorne Extension and Brooklyn Road on the night of Nov. 29 when the two gangs clashed near that intersection.
    When gunfire erupted, Blackwell was fatally struck in the head by a wayward bullet.
    Jordorian “Jojo†Randolph, who authorities said was an NBA associate, was gunned down in May 2014 during a drive-by shooting that was believed orchestrated by the 2 Tuff gang.
    Capt. Jerry Saulters, commanding officer of the Athens-Clarke County Police Department’s D Criminal Investigation Division, said Saturday, “The gang violence in Athens-Clarke County is a high priority and will not be tolerated.
    Even prior to the weekend shooting, he said, “we have been working with the district dttorney’s Office, parole and probation to identify offenders and address ths problem.â€
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    Don't you hate it when you shoot someone in the head and it doesn't penetrate like you thought it would? The danger of ricochets is under-appreciated. :lol:

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    Either very light loads or very hard heads. And a link back to the original source please.

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    Ah heck he violated his probation. But my guns are the problem.
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    how's that justice system workin out for you guys?
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    4 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; he pleads guilty to 1 count of aggravated assault and gets only 12 months probation and is back on the streets? WTF?!
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    That was the first thing that stood out to me too. How was he free to shoot people two years after being convicted of assault?