Galco King Tuck Holster

Discussion in 'Holsters / Method of Carry' started by taa, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. taa

    taa New Member

    Have heard alot about the galco King Tut IWB holster (walther ppk/s) and was wondering if anyone has one and likes or dislikes it.

    I am currently using an Andrews custom for outside the waistband and was looking for a great IWB.

  2. 175FO

    175FO Active Member

    Heard about these at work, so far we have not been able to get any in to our store. They look similar to a crossbreed or minotaur holster, so I would guess they would feel similar to these. I recently bought a crossbreed super-tuck for my Kahr CW9 and I like it a lot. The King Tuk from Galco is supposed to be cheaper than the crossbreed so it may be a good buy.