Galco Draw-EZ

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  1. shamalama

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    Y'all, I just made a new friend: Galco Draw-EZâ„¢. ... alogID=347

    My range had it at the cash register and I had an extra few dollars left in my wallet.

    Wow. It's expensive, at $7 for a .0000000003 ounce wee little bottle, but it goes a long way. I put a dab on my finger and was able to wipe down almost my entire holster.

    New leather is always stiff for awhile, and sometimes drawing out of a stiff holster is a feat in itself. But now my holster's insides are slicker than owl snot while the shape is still just as stiff. I doubt I can out-draw Clint Eastwood, but I might win against some of his bad guys.

    pro2am, this would be a great addition to your upcoming K&D holster.

    My 2¢
  2. tace

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    I have some polyurethane spray at home, I bet it would do the same thing.