, is it anon.?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by GAGunOwner, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Wiley

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    Show up at one of our next meet-n-shoots. At the last two, one or more of the grand poohbahs have been there. Give them your cash membership and/or donation then. No paper. When your situation changes you can fill in the membership app.

    The down side is that while money is good, showing an active membership roster is as, or, more important.

  2. Gunstar1

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    In general the membership list is only availible to the Board of Directors.

    In lawsuits sponsored by GCO on behalf of its members, only one member has to be named publicly, so it would not get out that way either (unless you yourself agreed to be that publicly named member, simply joining the Org does not give us that permission).

    I will double check this with the rest of the Board, but I am fairly sure your secret will be safe as it is now. If the Board comes up with something I am not aware of, we will figure out something so that it is kept private.

    You may be the first to voice your concerns, however I have a feeling you will not be the only person that will wish to remain anonymous.