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You can register at this link

(Formerly Titled - Close Range Gunfighting II)
Our Close Range Gunfighting Course has achieved international recognition as the highest level training available anywhere with a handgun. There is much, however, that cannot be studied in depth in that class purely from a lack of time. In Extreme Close Range Gunfighting we've gone further. We cover many of the topics only hinted at in CRG, such as Shooting from seated positions (ie., in a vehicle), fighting when injured, and a dynamic module of instruction dealing with the ultra-close 0-6' distance. We also introduce gun vs. knife concepts.

Most importantly, in this course we introduce the student to the dynamic and chaotic world of Force-on-force Interactive Training. Through a series of carefully executed and designed drills, the student will get the opportunity to apply what they've learned against live role-players. This is as close as you can get to a real gunfight without risking your life.

Some of the second day learning how to gunfight in the automobile. Although there are no official pre-requisites for this course, we must point out that THIS COURSE IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR BEGINNERS. All attendees should have a high level of skill and a reflexive understanding of safety measures. Come join us in this exciting and cutting edge training event.

Read Our Book - Secrets Of Reality-Based Gunfighting

Duration: 2 days
Ammunition: Approximately 500 rounds (Minimum)
Requirements: Pistol, Holster, 3 Magazines, Range Safety Gear, Airsoft pistol (we have some loaner trainers, but if you have your own please bring it). You will also need a paintball mask. A hooded sweatshirt and gloves are necessary for the force on force segment.

This gives everyone plenty of time to save up a few bucks for the class.
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