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    Just got back from fishing intercoastal waterway with my father-in law and the subject came up about a firearm and boats (like your car) what are the regs? I know there are regs about national and state owned property but are the regs the same for carry on a boat? I am sure there are some coast guard issues also but in general.

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    I'll be honest with you. I can find no such law that says you cant have a firearm in a vessel. BUT, about a year ago, I read something somewhere that said it was illegal to carry a pistol on a boat, but when I went back recently it was deleted. (I forgot which website).

    However, when I go out on my boat, I always take my 12 gauge and revolver along with me. The best advice I can give you is to keep the gun in the console (if you have one) until you need it. Now on my boat it has a flip down door on the console that locks when you close it. I always leave the gun laying right inside of the console with the door open, that way if I were to see DNR pulling up at me in there fancy boat, I can close the door. Just in case they want to start some :bsflag:

    But anywho, I will try to call a buddy of mine tomorrow that knows a guy that works for the DNR, and see what we can find out here. :righton:


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    Be careful of where you are, at a minimum. Many waterways are in WMAs and State Parks. In addition, there are federal restrictions. Preston Anderson recently forwarded this to me from the Army Corps of Engineers Web Site:

    § 327.13 Explosives, firearms, otherweapons and fireworks.

    (a) The possession of loaded firearms, ammunition, loaded projectile firing devices, bows and arrows, crossbows, or other weapons is prohibited unless:

    (1) In the possession of a Federal, state or local law enforcement officer;

    (2) Being used for hunting or fishing as permitted under § 327.8, with devices being unloaded when transported to, from or between hunting and fishing sites;

    (3) Being used at authorized shooting ranges; or

    (4) Written permission has been received from the District Commander.

    (b) Possession of explosives or explosive devices of any kind, including fireworks or other pyrotechnics, is prohibited unless written permission has been received from the District Commander.

    [65 FR 6901, Feb. 11, 2000]
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    I just added a new section to the places off-limits pageabout the Army Corps of Engineers with a link to a list of their locations in Georgia
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    Wow. This sucks. So when I go fishing with my father in law I cannot carry.... I thought you were able to carry on your private property like your car or boat?
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    Oh, darn. And Buford Dam makes such a good backstop. Too bad we can't get the Corps (who can't figure out how much water they're letting out of Lanier) and some of the Probate Judges (who can't read english) to go at each other to determine if you're on federaly or state controled property. :twisted: