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Ethel St. between Hemphill Ave. and Hampton St. in the Home Park neighborhood

Two male victims reported they were standing outside of their residence when a vehicle stopped on Ethel Street and the passenger exited the vehicle. The suspect approached the victims, displayed what the victims felt may have been a plastic gun and demanded the victims’ property. The suspect did not take any of the victims’ property and left in the vehicle headed east on Ethel Street towards Hemphill Avenue. The victims are Georgia Tech students. There were no injuries reported.

Description of Suspect
Ear length dreadlocks
Purple t-shirt
Armed with a handgun

Description of Vehicle
Dark colored passenger car
Tinted windows

This incident is being investigated by the Atlanta Police Department. Report any information regarding this and other criminal incidents to Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS (8477).
"plastic gun"

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Obviously a Glock, right? :lol: I mean, who would hand over their stuff without resistance to a man holding what you know to be a toy, especially when the robbery victims have the advantage of numbers?
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