GA Senate District 27

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    ED925A2F-CACF-40D1-BB2C-30A6DDF59ECA.jpeg In the Ga Senate, District 27, Sen. Michael Williams is leaving that office to run for Governor.

    One of the candidates to replace him-- indeed the one Williams suggested run for Senate seat 27-- is Bill Fielder, a successful accountant (read, rich and thus not beholden to special interests for campaign donations) who is running as a family-values Christian, Trump supporter, snd solidly pro-gun.

    I saw him speak the other day, and he brought up the issue of gun rights, saying he's for "constitutional carry" (no license needed for cobcealed or open carry).

    In resonse to questions about guns and crime issues, he talked about the still-unsolved rape and murder of 3 family members, saying he wished the adult in that family had met the intruders with more than just bare hands and feet-- having a loaded and easily-accessed gun could have saved all their lives and ended the violent criminal's career forever.