Funny Gun-related Goofs in TV / Movies

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by asbrand, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. asbrand

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    I'm often amused by stupid mistakes / goofs made by TV shows / movies regarding firearms.

    Was watching latest CSI Miami the other night. Saw something that was so WRONG, yet had to be done on purpose...

    Sceene: Bunch of rich people are at a pool party wearing all this fancy diamond jewelry and they get interrupted by two guys wearing stockings and carrying some type of semi-auto 9mm's. I'm suspecting Glocks, but I'm not sure.

    Anyways...later in the show, after they catch one of the gunmen, they have a flashback showing him firing his gun, turning, and ditching his stocking mask. They are pretty closeup on the gun, and it is in slow-mo. You see him pull the trigger, and the weapon fires. You see the empty brass get ejected to the viewer's left (gunman's right) pretty quickly, and the slide locks back (indicating empty magazine). So good so far...

    However, the very next thing you see is *another* cartridge eject out of the top of the gun, and rotate a few times. This is *after* the last round was fired and the slide was already locked back. *AND* it was a fully loaded cartridge. IE - still had the bullet in it! Either it was a dummy round that just somehow popped outta the top of the magazine, or they put it in post-edit via CGI or something... Even my daugher was confused...we stopped it (recorded on my DVR) and rewound and watched it frame by frame...sure enough, entire cartridge (case, bullet, and primer).

    Very odd.

    Anybody else seen strange things like that?
  2. ICP_Juggalo

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    Saving Private Ryan - towards the end when they are defending the bridge, There is a closeup shot of a .30 belt fed machine gun being fired by one of the soldiers. If you look closely, you will see blanks in the ammo belt and a blank adapter on the end of the muzzle, which would explain why the gun is able to fire in full auto and cycle each round even though they are blanks.

  3. Gunstar1

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    I remember one in the first Matrix at the end of the movie when Neo dies, it shows a close up of the Agent's Desert Eagle ejecting blanks.

    I can't think of any more right now, but I know I have watched several movies where I have thought that an error would not have been caught if they kept it regular speed instead of the scene being in slow motion.
  4. jrm

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    Walked through the living room while my son was watching a movie. Heard sound of cocking (not slide racking, but of hammer cocking). BG had the drop on heroine, with a hammerless semi-auto. They just love the sound effects.

    I've also seen many movies where the gun wielder racks his slide several times in successive scenes, with no shots fired and no rounds being ejected. But, he sure looked like a bad-ass racking his slide.
  5. kkennett

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    There was another CSI recently where some guy is nailed because of burns he supposedly received picking up his 9mm brass. I've picked up a lot of 9mm brass and never received large blistering burns.

    In the movie Bad Santa in the scene where the midget is double crossing Angelina Jolie's previous beau (I can't remember his name), the midget is holding a snub nose .38. The camera angle is such that you see right down the cylinder and the it's all empty. Now given that the .38 rotates with trigger pull, then hammers the round, he's at least 3 pulls away (bottom obscured chamber) from a round. I think I'd just pounce.
  6. asbrand

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    Forgot another CSI screwup I saw last week.

    CSI: New York - they found a dead girl with a hole in her chest, lying on her bed. Bullet was a through and through...bullet lodged in the mattress underneather her. So far, so good...

    As they are removing said bullet, the CSI guy says it is a "41 mm". I just about spewed whatever I was drinking! What, they shot her with a grenade launcher???? :shock: 41mm is right at 1.75 inches in diameter. That's two and a half times the size of a .50 cal. 8)

    And let's not mention all the times that CSI Miami talks about "gun registration database", when FL doesn't register guns. 8)