Fulton County CCW with a twist

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    Fulton CCW speed
    Well, I applied for my CCW in early November...I had one back in the 80's... I initially applied at the North Fulton Annex. About 2 weeks after I applied, I get a letter from the FCPD saying that my fingerprints were unusable and I had to go to the downtown HQ at Pryor St to get re-printed. The whole process was painless...no line, nice lady, digital fingerprinting. I was out the door in about 20 minutes.

    So, by my calculations and according to most of the posts here and on Glocktalk, I figure I MIGHT be getting my CCW by May or June. Today, it arrived in the mail and was even laminated!

    With most of the horror stories about the 6 month delays in Fulton, I figure it was a combination of the digital printer downtown and the heat many of the posters have been putting on the probate court's office. More than likely, it was the trip downtown to provide usable, online prints.

    So, if you're going to apply in Fulton county, don't waste your time by going to the over worked, manual printing, under-staffed North Fulton Annex. Go directly downtown, pay the outrageous parking, and get your CCW within the 60 day limit.
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    Excellent advice.

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    This is not the first story we have heard about digital fingerprints speeding up the process.

    I wonder, is anybody with digital fingerprints waiting over 60 days?
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    I did digital prints in Fulton County, and it took me several months to get a license. I can't recall the exact time it took, as it was a few years ago.