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Police Shoot Two Men At Club In Fulton County
One Man Dead, One Wounded

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY -- A deadly shooting by Fulton County Police has one family asking lots of questions.

The shooting happened early Sunday morning at Frozen Palace Nightclub on Flat Shoals Road in south Fulton County.

Ron Pettaway was shot in the head and killed.

His brother, Roy Pettaway, was shot in the back.

He is being treated at Grady Memorial Hospital and is expected to survive.

Fulton County Police have released few details of the shooting, other than to say officers were called to the club to break up a fight and the two men were shot.

The names of the officers involved have not been released.

Police have not said if either of the men who were shot was carrying a weapon.

The Pettaway family complains they haven't been provided details of the shootings by police.

Fulton County Police say that the shooting is under investigation.
Figured they would have been in a hurry to say if either one of them had a gun or not... before the NAACP gets spooled up over this. Add that to the fact that one of them was shot in the back... time will tell, but it sure doesn't look good at first glance.

The father was on TV talking about them, and the one that died was a "businessman" :?

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No guns on men shot by Fulton police
Activist and family want investigation

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 04/17/07

A local civil rights activist and the family of a 26-year-old man fatally shot by Fulton County police are calling for a state and federal investigation into the death.

The Rev. Markel Hutchins, a spokesman for Ron Pettaway's family, said Monday the case deserves the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Fulton District Attorney's Office.

Jenni Girtman/Staff

A man (left) police would not identify appeared Monday to be discussing with Fulton County police and GBI investigators the scene where two brothers were shot, one fatally, by Fulton police.

Pettaway was killed and his brother, Roy, was shot and wounded about 1:30 a.m. Sunday when police responded to a call about a fight at the Frozen Palace, a bar at 2395 Flat Shoals Road near College Park.

Police confirmed Monday afternoon that neither man had weapons.

"There is no justification for police to wound and shoot two unarmed men," Hutchins said at a news conference while flanked by members of Pettaway's immediate family. "It's nothing short of murder. These young people were shot for no reason."

Fulton police and the GBI are investigating. On Monday, Police Chief George Coleman said the two officers who shot the Pettaway brothers have less than two years on the force. Both men are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the probe. Their names have not been released.

LaShonda Dennis, 33, of Marietta, a patron of the Frozen Palace, said a fight started inside the bar when Ron Pettaway told her another patron looked like rapper Lil' Wayne. The patron took offense to the description, and the two men fought inside the club, Dennis said.

Bar security ushered the men outside, Dennis said, and when they returned, both men were calm. Minutes later, a police officer arrived and asked Ron Pettaway to come outside, Dennis said.

Five seconds later, Dennis said, she heard at least five gunshots. Dennis said she ran out the back door and returned later to find Ron Pettaway covered in a white sheet.

Roy Pettaway, according to Hutchins, saw his brother on the ground being beaten by police. He was shot in the back as he tried to stop them. He heard a second shot, but didn't know his brother had been fatally shot until told Sunday night, Hutchins said.

Ron Pettaway was shot in the back of the head, according to family members and the Fulton Medical Examiner's Office.Roy Pettaway III, 27, remains at Grady Hospital in stable condition and could undergo surgery. Ron Pettaway's funeral will be held Saturday, on what would have been his 27th birthday, family members said. Details on the service are being worked out.

Hutchins promised additional action, including public protests, to bring the officers responsible to justice and to deal with a climate in metro Atlanta and elsewhere in which, he said, "police officers are now shooting first and asking questions later."

Hutchins said the Pettaway shootings are another example of excessive police force by metro Atlanta police. Twelve people were shot by police in DeKalb County last year alone.

He and family members were scheduled to talk with the laywers at the Cochran Law Firm this morning. They also are miffed that no Fulton police or government official, so far, has offered condolences.
Sounds more like an execution than anything else. Two unarmed men shot in the back? One in the back of the head. I'm not with the cops on this one.

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I'll wait to make my opinion. After the VT incident, this one went to the back of the line. One question...was 'less' lethal (OC, Taser, paton) applicable? They might have been going for their weapons...who knows. One thing is for the time they are done...the po-pos will be everything political correct...all the more reason to pack.
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