Full Uncut Sheet 1872 South Carolina Revenue Bonds In Museum Quality Frame Perfect Co

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    In 1872 South Carolina issued these revenue bond scripts (categorized as obsolete currency) however during this particular year there was a corrupt faction of the government that also placed an unauthorized order with the New York Banknote Co. And because of this fraud, the government declared all of the 1872 notes as counterfeit and withdrew from circulation.

    Many full sheets such as this one were defaced in small stacks at a time with a press that had three punches (they looked like a four bladed broad head). Out of the remaining full sheets that avoided the defacing, there are very few that are of this quality.

    These are guaranteed genuine and are without any holes, tears, dog ears, or color fading. I had often thought about submitting to PMG or PCGS for encapsulation and grading but if I had they would have then removed the sheet from the very high quality museum frame and placed them into a gaudy looking clear plastic flexible enclosure.

    I am interested in possibly trading this excellent addition to any office, den, library, etc... for a comparably priced pistol or rifle. The value of this sheet in the quality condition it is in as well as being in a frame of this caliber would be around $450.00 to $600.00 depending on venue purchased. I have seen sheets without frame or grading with imperfections sell for much more at times through Heritage Auction.

    Anyone interested in possibly trading just PM here and let me know what you might have to offer.

    The reverse is equally as stunning however it was difficult enough just trying to get a good photo with it hanging on the wall without more reflections that can be seen from the lighting.

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