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Beretta 85F and Beretta 85FS

I can trade one or both.

Looking for fine Beretta handguns in 9mm, Elite, IA, II, WC Brig-Tac, Compact Inox W/o rail, etc... etc... in excellent conditions or new. Maybe a nice Beretta 28" 12GA new or in mint conditions.
I am looking for even trades but let me know if you think that your Beretta deserves the addition of cash from my side.

GA residents only, 21 or older, with valid carry permit.

1) 1999 Beretta 85F.
I am the first owner. In excellent conditions, 95% or more. 380 ACP single stack.

2) 2014 Beretta 85FS, unfired.
This one has never been shot. If you see anything odd it's just the quality of the picture, both the pistol and the magazines are in mint conditions. The outer cardboard sleeve is not shown in the picture but I have that one as well. 380 ACP single stack.


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If only you had an 86...
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