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This is a Curtis air compressor with the well known, bullet proof D93 pump that lasts for ever. It is mounted to a 80 gallon tank with a pressure switch and water seperator. I have owned it for 8 years (bought it used) without so much as a hiccup. I have bought a compressor that will provide more air and no longer need this one.

Oil has been changed yearly. It is due for an oil change now and needs a new filter. Can be had at Northern for $9.

The new compressor was 3 phase and I only have single so I robbed the electric motor off the Curtis. You should be able to find a 3hp motor fairly resonable and have a great compressor that will outlast any of the Home Depot / Lowes units.

The compressor comes with the original and correct pulley and hub to be used on a motor with 1 1/8" diameter shaft.

With a 3 HP motor this pump runs at 805 RPM and produces 11.3 CFM @ 175 PSI.

$400 obo or trade for Glock 19 (no rich texture grips), good air hose reels, or what have you.

Here is a video of the compressor running Saturday 3/26 right before I took the electric motor off of it.

I also have a 3 ph 5 HP motor that will run this for another $150 but you must have 3 phase power, normal household power is single phase.

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