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FS Stainless S&W 640-3 Revolver in Decatur $500 OBO

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Up for grabs is my S&W 640-3 in stainless steel. This hammerless DAO gun is an absolute tack-driver, and probably the most accurate handgun in its size that I have ever owned. 5-round capacity. I've had it for about 8 years, having bought it used. I've put probably 300 rounds through it, and each and every one has been a joy. I really like this gun a lot, but I'm trying to reduce the number of calibers in my inventory. I am throwing in a Desantis pocket holster, and if my buyer is interested I would like to work out a deal for all my 38/357 ammo as well. Once I tally up my round count, the ammo will be an additional price, but I am gonna let it go super, super cheap just to get the ammo out of my closet.

Cash only. Face-to-face only. Buyer must show GAWCL and GADL. Buyer must sign Bill of sale. Not interested in any trades.

$500 OBO

If you like Hickok45, take a look at his video on the .38 version of this gun below.
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Bump. Now asking $450 obo.
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