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FS Sig Sauer P226 9mm DA/SA holsters and mags $650

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For Sale
Sig Sauer DA/SA 9mm pistol manufactured circa 1996. Has "Made in West Germany" on the slide. This pistol has XS Big Dot sights on it, the SIG short reset trigger (installed in early 2009) and I'm including 3 holsters and 6 magazines. This model has the internal extractor in it and it was replaced by Sig in early '09 when I had the SRT installed. All 6 mags are 15 rounds. 3 are Sig factory and 3 are Mec-Gar. The holsters are Southern Holsters (black leather), Don Hume (brown leather) and Comptac C-Tac (kydex)

Located in Dekalb County, but a FTF transaction can be handled about an hour around the Atlanta area, perhaps further depending on where and circumstance. No paperwork required, but will need to verify you are legal to purchase.

Asking $650 for everything



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She's a beauty. I love those old SIGs. Best of luck selling her.
I love 9s...

(for some reason it won't let me edit my title post)
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