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I recently picked up a PT1911 from another member here, so per the holiday season rules imposed by the CFO of the house, I have to sell off a gun to cover it. So, I'm putting up my PT145 and related holsters.

I got this new about a year ago to be my primary CC piece. Well, I've been doing a lot more OC than CC lately and I've found that I can comfortably enough CC my full sized guns when the situation calls for it. So the niche I intended the PT145 to fill isn't really there anymore. I don't really do safe queens, so since I'm not carrying or shooting it, it's gotta go.

It comes with everything as new, box, papers, two mags, mag loader, etc. Very little, if any wear. No scratches. Maybe a little dust. All the packing goo has been cleaned out. Shoots nice and accurate enough once you get used to shooting a sub-compact .45 and figure out the straight 8 sights. For those that aren't aware, the Taurus lifetime warranty covers the lifetime of the gun, not just the original owner.

The two holsters are a classic style, leather, thumb break OWB Bianchi Black Widow and a hybrid Kholster (like a Crossbreed, but less expensive). The Black Widow was very tight when I first got it (as leather holsters tend to be), but it's broken in now. It's nice enough looking to use for OC, but holds the gun tight enough to your body that a t-shirt is sufficient for CC in most cases. The Kholster is, as I said, a less expensive holster in the same style of a Crossbreed. It has a big leather disc backing that is uncut, so you can customize it as you please. The kydex part has good retention and the clips are adjustable for depth and cant. Yes, it's not nearly as "finished" looking as a Crossbreed or other expensive hybrid holster, but if you're CCing, who cares? It works and is very comfortable.

I would like to get $325 for the PT145 and $50 for both holsters. If you get everything, it'll be $375, but I'll throw in a box of .45 to go with it.

As I said, I'm selling this to cover another purchase, so not really looking for trades. I could probably be talked into a little less cash + some 1911 mags, however. Feel free to make any offers you like, though, trade, cash, whatever, as the worse I'll do is a polite "no, thanks".

For now, I can email pics. Yes, I'm computer illiterate or something, but I can't quite figure out how to post pics that aren't way too huge to be practical for viewing on a forum.

Thanks for looking.
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