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For Sale with my Progessive press Lee Pro 1000 9mm: 230$ shipped. If you pick it up, it will be 195$.

Please read carefully:

- Lee Pro 1000 Reloader: There is one or two places where the red paint is chipped. The paint left the surface in the first day I got it. (cheap paint job). You can fix it with little car model paint. I also used a piece of carboard that I put on the right side with some tape to prevent spent primers not to fall into the hole (see picture). I'll leave it there, so you can use it. If you don't like it, just remove it.
- 9mm Luger dies. They are in perfect shape. I reloaded 890 hard cast lead bullets with the press. There is a little bit of surface rust on the outside of one die. When I saw that, I spayed the whole thing with T9. Lee dies have the reputation to have a tiny rust on the outside, but never int he inside. You can remove it easily with steal wool. I decided not because it was easier just to spray T9 at the time. (see picture)
- Lee Multi tube adapter for bullet feed kit
- Powder feeder: The Lee powder drops a grain of powder here and there and it is annoying for me (see picture- I reloaded 140 bullets and here is the powder (Alliant Unique) that dropped). I am kind of anal about cleanliness. People who came to see me, know how clean is my environment.
- Lee Double disk kit (You will need it only if you use the Powder feeder on another press and you want to load rifles.
- Lee case collator
- Lee bullet feed kit 9mm .46-.60 long: I modified this one so it can accept longer bullets. It consists to cut a little bit of the material to permit the bullet to exit horizontally the hole. I doubt it, but depending of the bullet you use, you may have to cut a little bit of the material with a dremmel tool. It is very easily done.
- All manuals.
- I will ship the press with only the tubes and powder hopper removed. The assembly will be very easy and fast for you. I'll put as much tape as I can to prevent any part to move, but some may disengage during the shipping. if none disengage, You can be ready to go in less than 1 minute after you fix the press on the bench.

I have that press since 04/15/2010. That press model has a reputation of not working right out of the box. I worked the kinks out for more than one month, doing small adjustments. One part broke and I got a free replacement. I broke the bullet feeder arm because I did not pay attention to what I was doing and I got a new one. Lee customer service is very good.

If you are not mechanically inclined, this press will be a challenge for you. DON"T SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU! There is a bullet feeder and a case feeder. You just have to pull the lever and keep a VERY close eye on each station. Sometimes a case is reverse, you just have to flip it. Sometimes a bullet will fall, you just have to pick it up and put it on the case.

I am selling because I have 3 presses. I thought having one in a 9mm permanent caliber would work fine and I don't use it really. I will leave the offer here for a few days then move it to other boards.

Thank you

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Hi Guys,

I have bought, sold & traded a number of items with kestak over the years. He is a stand -up guy!
You can deal with him in good faith.

Best, broomhandle
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