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TL;DR: I'm selling my Klein, asking price, pictures, and components listed at the end of my post.

I'm going to be selling my beloved Klein Attitude. I put a lot of time and sweat into this bike when I was riding a lot, but over the past year my requirements have changed and I'm not riding it as much as I would like. As a result, it's time to let go :)

I bought the bike in 2009 and it was in PERFECT shape, it looked like it had never been used at all. It had all original components, which I replaced several months after the initial purchase. I still have all the original components, but the removed fork is unusable due to the way it was removed.

The frame itself has no cracks and a few small nicks in it, I have pictures of them below. The components I've installed are all nearly brand new. I probably used the fork 5 times after installation and the new drive train components twice, if that. They've all been stored indoors and kept lubricated despite having not been used. The cables and housing were replaced this month.

The fork and headset are an interesting story. Since Klein used a abnormal steerer tube size that is no longer used, I purchased a ~$250 headset from Reset Racing in Germany so I could use 1 1/8'' forks. This endeavor alone cost probably around $1000 after purchasing the tools, headset, and fork. I have the original bearings that are in good shape if you need them. I also have the special tools required to install and remove the Klein headsets, they will be provided. The crank was a similar story, but I was able to use a crank from another bike. It shows a good amount of wear, but it functions very well.

I really hate to see her go, but I'd rather someone enjoy riding her as much as I did and give her the love she deserves :)

Asking $1,500. It is located in Atlanta, you can contact me via PM or [email protected] if you have any questions.


I installed the following components in 2009 and 2010:

XTR M970 Rear Der.
XTR M971 Front Der.
SRAM PG990 Cassette
Shimano XT M760 Dual Shifter
XTR M970 V-Brake Front
XT BR-M770 V-Brake Rear
Velo Pronto-Z2 Ti Saddle
Ritchey WCS 4-Axis 44 Stem
Ritchey WCS Flat Bar
Reset Racing MC2 Replacement
Manitou R7 Super 80mm
RaceFace NextLP Crank

The remaining original parts are the wheels, bottom bracket, seat post, and frame. Everything else has been replaced. I will include all the old components and headset tools if you want them. For $150 I also have a Park Tools work stand I'll throw in.
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