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For sale two nice firearms. Ready for new homes.

Bersa BP9CC has less then 100 rounds through it, purchased mid 2013. Comes with box, two magazines, and a box of crossfire Tactical Grenade, purchased brand new. 9mm

Looking for $400

ISSC M22 - I am sure everyone has been looking for a .22LR to shoot. I am getting rid of it, because I do not use it enough. I train Security and LEO almost 7 days a week and just have no use for it right now. They all come with their own ammo and guns. Makes life easy for me.

This one comes with the original 1 magazine, box, and 50 rounds of .22LR ammo, may be able to give more ammo. Asking price is $320

Text me, as I teach almost everyday. I am in the Hampton area and my office is in the McDonough area. Will kindly meet in reasonable area.

Steve 678-437-3211 or email [email protected]

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