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This is a lightly used American Technologies Networks scope. It has interchangeable cams for .308, .223, 30-06, .270, 7mm mag, 300 win mag. It also has a built in ranging reticle for ranges up to 1000 meters. It comes with sunshade, bikini covers and mounting rings. Windage and adjustment is 1/8moa. I think I shot about 80 rounds before I retired it. The cool thing about this scope is with the huge 60mm objective and the illuminated reticle you can shoot in very low light without night vision gear. I am really impressed with the workmanship on this piece of equipment. I'll try to post pics, but there are pics all over ebay and gbroker. Like I said its practically new. I have $500 in the thing plus shipping. Here's your chance to save 20%. I'm in Stone Mountain and work at Windy Hill/75. I can take credit cards.

Craig 770-294-7187
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